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Seller's Agents
Seller's Agents
Market and Sell Your $2+ Million Listings with Us.

Why Selling Agents Should Consider Selling At Auction

  • Your client is motivated to sell in an accelerated timeframe.
  • Your $2+ million property has languished on the market, generating limited qualified traffic.
  • Potential buyers for a property have been identified but lack motivation to bring "real" offers.
  • Your listing is expiring and your client is seeking alternative methods of marketing their property.
  • Your seller is concerned about lowering the listing price in fear of leaving money on the table.
  • The property is unique or priceless and is not easily valued.
  • The client experienced an unpredictable life event.
Seller's Agents

Partnering with Heritage

These situations are ideal for marketing and selling property via auction. When you refer a property to Heritage Luxury Real Estate Auctions, you can earn fees equal to the fees you would earn representing the seller in a conventional brokerage transaction. The difference is that a commission can be earned in as little as 60-90 days, instead of often months or years on the traditional market.

Seller's Agents